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Album Credits

Drums: Eden Har-Gil
Acoustic Bass: Dezron Douglas
Alto Saxophone: Caroline Davis
Baritone Saxophone: Lo Wood

All compositions by Eden Har-Gil

Engineered by Sophie Yuqing Nie at Dolan Recording Studio, 35 W 4th St, NYC May 10, 2023
Assisted by Brianna Nicole Patane and Rave Rajan
Mixed by Yaron Aldema
Mastered by Nate Wood
Artwork by Shlomo Lee Abrahamov
Graphic Design by Izhar Shkedi
Session Photography by Dana Golan
Released on XJazz! Music, 29 March 2024

album cover
Photo by Shlomo Lee Abrahamov

About Eden

Originally from Kibbutz Yakum, Israel, Eden Har‑Gil is a New York-based drummer and composer.
He has been honing his skills under the tutelage of many jazz legends such as Lenny White, Billy Drummond, Bill Charlap, Horacee Arnold and Anat Fort.
Since his move to New York City in 2020, Eden has played and collaborated with international musicians like: Dave Pietro, Martin Wind, Steve LaSpina, Dezron Douglas, Caroline Davis, Lo Wood, Martin Nevin, Dabin Ryu, Hillai Govreen and others.
“Hearts of Palm” released in March 2024 is Har-Gil's debut album. The album features original compositions that present Eden’s unique sound and his world-class partners.

Eden Har-Gil
Photo by Dana Golan

Liner Notes

Hearts of Palm is a culmination of my path and development as a jazz performer and composer. Over a decade has passed since I made the decision to devote myself to the craft of music. The decision has led me across oceans, countries, and institutions. It has exposed me to new cultures, people, and ideas.
The opening horns phrase for “Hearts of Palm” was the fountain from which the rest of the album emerged. The song was written in the midst of a break up with my ex-partner, Adi and is dedicated to her. “Amarna” is an homage to Wayne Shorter, who died in March 2023, while I was working on this project. May he rest in peace. “Pinks” was the last tune I wrote. It was written alongside cherry trees blossoming all over New York City and got its name from them. “Embedded” came out of a moment when I was bound to my apartment, constricted to bed, unwilling or unable to get out. “Leaf” is a composition that I have been playing with many bands and projects; it holds a certain truth that continues to be relevant with every change I go through. It was rewritten for the unique instrumentation of this album. “Nethermead” is named after a patch of Prospect Park. It contains the bright greens of grass, soft shade of trees, the blur of running dogs and playing children. Written during a transition both seasonal and personal, the creation of the album was accompanied by a process of gradual, at times difficult, growth. I hope that in turn it might move by your side while you move through similar times.

All photos by Dana Golan